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Kerry Hays Gronewald

Born 1987 in Washington, D.C. 

Graduate of The University of Georgia

Currently lives and works in Atlanta, GA


Kerry's art is a reflection on the unseen channels between human, nature, community and God. The work is a reaction to her desire to discover the nature in humanness, the spirituality in nature, the humanness in God, and how these elements exist with and within one another. She is self-taught and her work is born from intuition. Each mark or stroke is shaped by her pursuit to invoke imagery into these musings on the interconnectedness of our seen and unseen world. A piece is a symbol of the connections we have with God and nature, or of nature with humans, even God and society, and her best work, and the only work that becomes available to the public, is that that is born, shaped, contoured and honed through some struggle on the canvas. Just as our virtues strengthen with adversity, so does our art.

Once she no longer sees her own hand in her work, she is satisfied with a piece. Each piece must firstly invoke a feeling of balance, pleasure, light and relief. But her pursuit is that upon further study, the viewer sees a darkness, a chaos, a mystery, a bit of discomfort, struggle and death. Because only when these tendencies are present, can the viewer feel the reprieve, softening and resultfulness that light, life and balance can bring.

Her work is marked by the convergence of hard lines with soft palettes and flowing, sculptural values. She is very experimental in her use of materials and most pieces are a mixture of media and rich in layer and texture. Her work is especially favored by designers as it brings a timeless, but current life to any room. 

Photo by Kathryn McCrary, www.kathrynmccrary.com